To provide an independent, community led discussion and networking forum for UK nanosatellite / CubeSat stakeholders including academic, industrial, amateur and education / outreach sectors that can act, advise on, and influence, nanosatellite / CubeSat technology, applications, missions & related policy within the UK and beyond for the benefit of the UK community.

Specifically, to:

  • Provide a focused forum for discussions and networking in the UK nanosatellite / CubeSat community
  • Represent, lobby for, facilitate, support and strengthen, where appropriate, the UK nanosatellite / CubeSat community to enhance forum members‟ abilities to develop, fly and exploit nanosatellites / CubeSats .
What is the need for the Forum?
  • There is currently no UK activity that brings together the broad UK nanosatellite / CubeSat activities and communities from the academic, industrial, amateur and education / outreach sectors
  • To present where appropriate a coherent interface to relevant bodies such as UK government (e.g. UKSA) and the media – for example to:
    • Discuss mission opportunities, funding needs, and obstacles for a diverse UK nanosatellite / CubeSat community, and 
    • Where appropriate coordinate flight opportunities across funding bodies at home or externally (e.g. ELIPS programmes)
  • Promote an informed and positive voice to the media
Organisation of the Open Forum
  • Memberships to the forum is open to individuals, groups, organisations, companies including amateurs, entrepreneurs, and government bodies
  • There is no membership criteria (apart from force majeure) other than a willingness to be an active, contributing member of the forum community. Active members are encouraged to:
    • Broker, barter, or donate services, products or facilities within the community, and
    • Promote lessons-learned within the community.
  • To join, members will be able to register via the forum website with annual re-confirmation.

For the first year, membership of the organising committee will be representative of the broadest community (at present on an ad-hoc basis) and with Bridges/Cullen willing to be joint Chairs. The frequency of meetings is to be decided.

How will the Forum be effective?
  • Establishment of a forum broker website which aims to advertise details of community members‟ capabilities, research interests, facilities available, and collaboration needs.
  • The initial forum members will help in iterating this website to match partners for collaboration. The UK government will provide example opportunities from UKRC, TSB, ESA, Satellite Catapult, etc. This aims to benefit the whole of the community in networking within the UK and abroad.
  • The forum aims to lobby government with regards to the Outer Space Act reform with the aim of reducing financial and legal burdens for nanosatellite missions.
  • The forum will arrange further conferences together with the BYOB 2014 and AMSAT Colloquium Events. Further events are yet to be planned but could include the UK‟s First Nanosatellite / CubeSat Conference.
  • Understanding & handling of future risks in missions to UK innovation, collaboration & exploitation within industry (e.g. frequency filing for QB50 of 50+ CubeSats).