Monthly Archives: November 2016

Supporting startups & future .gov plans

Good morning CubeSat’ers,

You may want to consider applying to the following UK government calls for funding and helping to scope the future plans. The links are in the subheadings below.

Supporting space startups: business incubator call 2016-17

“This call is aimed at business incubation centres who wish to support start-up companies across the breadth of the space sector.” The forum believe this is of¬†interest to the community.

Call for ideas and evidence: help develop a new space strategy

“The Government is working with industry and the science community to develop a new strategy to implement the 2015 National Space Policy.” A must for anyone considering entering the space industry with active assets. The forum expresses that this should not just be around open issues, but on real solutions and suggested routes forward – get involved!

Best regards, Your U.K. CubeSat Forum