Monthly Archives: August 2014 Interplanetary CubeSat Rideshare Initiative

In cooperation with the Cal Poly CubeSat Program and as part of’s rolling program to identify interplanetary CubeSat launch opportunities and make them accessible to all, we are pleased to announce two interplanetary CubeSat launch opportunities in 2016 and the possibility to ride share with us for mutual benefit and cost reduction.

Two opportunities are available for CubeSats to potentially share CalPoly P-POD(s) with us for missions prepared to up to COSPAR Category IVc planetary protection criteria. CubeSats may be 0.5U, 1U, 1.5U, 2U, 2.5U, 3U, 3U+ or 6U in size, and launch by an established launch provider (including integration by CalPoly in the USA) is expected to cost less than USD 250K per kg directly contracted to the launch integrator. The more CubeSats that participate in this opportunity, the lower the cost per kg.

For more details and to register interest please complete the form here: